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15 February 2020

Over the coming weeks, the Port Fairy Men's Shed will undertake a project to develop a new, modern, and simplified website. Please contact Geoff or Barry for membership details (on home page). 

sTEAm Punk Project

A group of local artists in Port Fairy are using the Men's Shed as home base construct a special art project that is aptly named "sTEAm Punk".  (Note the deliberate emphasis on TEA in this description).

The project to date is just a collection of partsThe project is to build a large, animated model teapot with lots of moving parts that tilts and progressively fills a series of tea cups as they pass the spout.  Water distributed to the cups is returned to the teapot.  Fascinating or a crazy idea - you might ask?  Well, to put it into context it is all part of a display for the Port Fairy July Winter Weekend Festival in Port Fairy - all themed around a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to be staged on the Village Green.

Construction of the actual teapot (hopefully out of copper or brass), the revolving cup platform, all of the moving parts and the computer-controlled animations, is the brainchild of Port Fairy artist, Robert Gatt. 

Robert was very keen to get involved in a collaborative project with the Shed members as well as finding a suitable space to facilitate the construction project.  In all, ten local artists are expected to work on the project during May and June.  All of the participating artists will becpome members of the Shed which can only help boost our membership.

The sTEAm Punk  project is underway as depicted in the photo below but so far looks like a bicycle wreck.  However, knowing the inventive genius of Robert Gatt you will need to watch this space for more pictures and a video of the final product.