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15 February 2020

Over the coming weeks, the Port Fairy Men's Shed will undertake a project to develop a new, modern, and simplified website. Please contact Geoff or Barry for membership details (on home page). 

Orientation sessions

The Port Fairy Men's Shed is running a series of Orientation Days to introduce members, and any interested members of the general public, on how to use some of the more advanced equipment in the Shed. The sessions will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from June to November.

These will be 2-hour introductory sessions that will hightlight safe use of a particular piece of  equipment, how to use it for jobs and general hints.  Each session will commence with a 10-minute, OHS induction session on  general safety in the Shed.

If, after attending any of the following introductory sessions, any person wants to be properly inducted on the proper and safe use of a machine they can contact the Operations Manager Denis Lemke (5568 1510) to arrange a one-on-one session.  Induction Training is designed to give a member the licence to use a particular piece of equipment.

Date (2012)



June 13th

Wood lathes

Dennis Lemke

July 11th

Welding equipment

Cancelled - moved to Sept.

August 8th

Power saws 

Jack Smits
To be rescheduled 

September 12th

Welding equipment

 Joe Harris

October 10th

Metal lathes

Dennis Lemke

November 14th

Mill Drill

Dennis Lemke