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Restoration of Decorative Wheelbarrow  

The project to restore an old, decorative and wooden wheelbarrow for Port Fairy resident, Carol McDonald, was a project sponsored by the Lions Club but the initial plan on restoration soon gave way to building a new wheelbarrow when inspection deemed the original to be unrepairable. 

Shedders Henry Toller-Bond and Roy Pollock took on the project which turned into a much bigger, but nevertheless worthwhile, project requiring templates from the original design to be drawn up and used to build a new barrow.  

The project was completed in September 2010  and the wheelbarrow is used to display plants and flowers on the client's lawn.

The original wheelbarrow - beyond repair!
(left: The original wheelbarrow - beyond repair!  right: Ready for assembly.)

The new wheelbarrow after assemblyHenry & Roy show off the finished product
(left:  The new barrow after assembly but before painting the motifs; right: Henry & Roy show off the finished product)

A proud owner of the new wheelbarrow!
(A proud owner of a new wheelbarrow!)