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15 February 2020

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Toy making models for Kid's Activity Days ("Kits for Kids")

The Shed has an on-going project to build  of a range of wooden models for use on children's activity days over the year. 

The models are made in bulk so that the children, under supervision can assemble the wooden toy kits using mainly the parts, a few nails - all with a hammer.  Some parts will be pre-drilled to make it easier for the children to hammer in the nails and also get them in the correct position!  The Shed has already made work tables for the children to use when they assemble the kits.

The challenge was to make the kits so that they can be easily produced  en-masse and readily assembled by children from 6 to 14 years.  The cost of materials is also a consideration and most of the parts being prepared are being cut from donated timber and off-cuts.

Pictures of the kits are depicted below. Other toy kits under consideration (not shown) are truck and a steam train.

Shedders Don Stephens and Robbie Blackmore did most of the early work on the models which have to be made each year in time for the Kids' Activity Day at the annual Moyneyana Festival in January each year. (See Gallery photos for the 2012 Moyneyana)

The kits were also used at the Hawkesdale 150th Anniversary Day in February 2011 and are a popular feature in the Activities Tent at the Port Fairy Winter Weekends Festival in June each year. 

Robbie Blackmore now makes most of the models but all shedders have to help out when the rush is on.  The popularity of this activity has meant it is a bit of challenge ofr the Men's Shed to keep up with demand!

Toy making models for children's activity day - model boatToy making models for children's activity days - model plane
(left: model boat;  right: model plane)
More models below....